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One More Thing about Mother’s Day

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day; the traditional holiday set aside for honoring our mothers. Many of us will be able to spend time with our mother this weekend, while others will have to settle for phone calls, Skype, or Facetime. What ever time you have with your mother this weekend, I pray it is precious and memorable.

But, wait…one more thing…

This weekend, as we thank God for our mothers, let’s also say a prayer for some others around us that may feel out of place or may be struggling to just get through the day:

The son or daughter who no longer has their mother here on earth.

The woman who has lost a child.

The woman who dreams of motherhood but is struggling with infertility. She is anxiously waiting for her time to be a mother.

The woman who gave up her child for adoption.

The childless woman who had to give up her dream of motherhood due to medical condition or father-time.

The foster mom, stepmother, and any other woman who is loving and helping children they do not call their own.

Wherever you find yourself this Mother’s Day, remember Jesus loves you more than you will ever comprehend. May you find joy and comfort in this truth today and always.


Crystal A. Dixon

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