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Love at Home

Last week, we talked about loving one another as Jesus commanded.

Remember, love is not merely an intent or feeling. Love is an action. Loving others is an action. When we love others unconditionally, our hearts will lead us to serve them unconditionally.

Our service to others begins at home with our family. Think about it, if we cannot unselfishly love and serve our family, how can we serve others outside our home unconditionally?

There are endless ways we love and serve our family. If a family is built on the unconditional love and foundation of Jesus, love in action will be evident and second nature. Your role in the family significantly impacts the way you serve the rest of your family. For example, parents and grandparents nurture, instruct and protect; whereas, children obey their elders, help each other and their elders, and protect each other.

No doubt, this kind of love in action, built on the promises and love of Jesus, is a precious commodity, especially in our current modern world. The Christian family is a target of the enemy: seeking to destroy the dynamics of a unit woven by God.

Families have to focus on Jesus every day, together. Families have to guard against outside attacks. Families have to keep actively loving and serving each other.

How is your family loving today?

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