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Kill ’em with Kindness

We would sit on her front porch for hours just talking and sometimes singing old church hymns.

My grandmammy was a strong woman of God. Everyone that knew her loved and respected her. We saw Jesus in everything she did.

As I entered middle school, I started dealing with some not so nice school mates. Even some friends became difficult at times. Really, I was no different than any other child or adolescent dealing with teasing.

I would be teased because of my freckles and red hair. In high school, I was teased about these things, and I was called a nerd because I didn’t run after the ‘in’ crowd. (Well I never knew how the ‘in’ crowd became the ‘in’ crowd. Did you?) Anyway, I digress. Kids can be so cruel, even those you think are your friends, when they are just trying to fit in and impress the popular kids.

I would share my troubled moments with my grandmammy on that ole wooden front porch. She would remind me who I was in the eyes of Jesus and that those not so nice kids were loved by him too. She said, “ignore their teasing. Kill ’em with kindness.” In other words, silence their words and actions with kindness. React with kindness. Be like Jesus.

When the enemy realizes he cannot get us to react negatively, he stops badgering us . So I would do what she said and after a while they would leave me alone. At times, they would laugh at my kindness but I just remembered who I was in the eyes of Jesus, and in the eyes of my grandmammy.

Even as adults, we all encounter not so nice people. Maybe their teasings are not childlike but their insensitivity, judgement, and/or criticism can be just as hurtful. We’ve all been there. Let’s kill their negativity with kind reactions. Then, let’s pray for them.

 “But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.” – Luke 6:27-28

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