Happily Ever After

“But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15

Once upon a time, a husband and his wife became parents to their first, and only child. According to them, it was a wonderful day. A blessed event.

But their baby girl received the greatest blessing. That beautiful couple was handpicked by God to bring her into the world. God entrusted them with this little girl because, no doubt , they were the perfect parents for her. God does not make mistakes.

What a beautiful life this family of three has enjoyed. Sure, like many young families, there were tough seasons economically in the early years, but the mom and dad worked extra to make ends meet. They made sure their daughter had what she needed. They are always there, loving her unconditionally, just like Jesus loves us.

They know Jesus’ unconditional love because they know Jesus. They taught their daughter about Him and made sure she went to church. Through her parents’ guidance and example, the daughter accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior when she was 14 at vacation bible school. When she drifted away from God in her early adult years, her parents never stopped praying for her just like God never gave up on her.

Eventually, their prayers were answered! The daughter answered the Holy Spirit’s plea to come back home to God. God is so good! There is power in the prayers of godly parents.

This particular family knows the power of prayer. Each member is a prayer warrior in their own right. They know the goodness of God, our Father. They have seen His work: healing miracles, souls saved, restoration from brokenness, prodigals returning, etc. This family is a family of prayer.

But the daughter would not know any of this without a praying mom and dad. Fifty years later she still reaps the blessings of her parents’ godly lives and consistent prayers.

“Thank You” will never seem to be enough for all they have done and, still do.

I love you, Mama and Daddy! Happy ‘birth’ day!

Your daughter,

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