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Faithful Endurance

Our culture defines success according to visible results, applauding only those who are enjoying wealth, prestige and power. While there is nothing wrong with prosperity, the true success of any accomplishment is when it is led by God’s hand.

Some of the most successful people have followed God’s plan for their lives. They may have gone unnoticed for years with little to no tangible perks or accolades. They may have suffered hostility, ridicule and isolation from those around them, but their eternal rewards will never be matched by anything or anyone of the world.

Consider Jeremiah’s success:

Jeremiah reluctantly answered God’s call. Jeremiah tried to convince God he was too young and too inexperienced to be His messenger. But God knew different. God knew Jeremiah, better than Jeremiah knew himself. God told Jeremiah not to fear the people He would send him to because He would give Jeremiah the words to speak.

Enduring Faith:

We need the enduring faith of Jeremiah to answer the call of God. No matter what task God has in place for us, be assured He has (or will) equip us with the knowledge and resources we need to get the job done. God did not promise Jeremiah the job would be easy; He promised He would be with him. And He was. Jeremiah prophesied for over 40 years through isolation and ridicule, not seeing the fruits of His labor. But Jeremiah understood it wasn’t about him. Jeremiah’s job (and OUR job) is to bring glory to God and advance His kingdom.

We can get the job done. We just need not be afraid. God is with us.

Life application:

What is God calling you to do?

Do you have the enduring faith of Jeremiah to answer His call?

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