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Christians Cannot Choose Who to Love

The local Bible study I am leading is studying the book of James this summer. As I have mentioned before, the book of James is a straight-forward, simple guide to Christian living. A great introduction for new believers and an excellent book to review and discuss with fellow believers. Try it sometime!

In chapter 2, James warns against the showing favoritism to those who are rich over those who are poor. If we are trying to cultivate genuine faith and become Christ-like, we cannot judge others based on appearance, social status, wealth, education, etc.

What if God showed that kind of partiality in building His kingdom?

But God is impartial. He does not show any favoritism. He is perfect. He is perfect in love.

We are not perfect. We are humans of sinful nature. This nature predetermines we will be impressed with the things we can see. We are impressed with wealth (shiny jewelry, vehicles, clothes, and big toys), education, fame, and beauty (pretty faces, body shapes, hair, etc). In contrast, we tend to be ignorant or even discounting to the needs of those who do not have visually appealing lives: poor, small or unattractive houses or vehicles, uneducated, unpopular, or over-weight.

James says this attitude of favoritism (partiality) is sinful. We are commanded to love one another, therefore, to be Christ-like we cannot pick and choose which people we will love. We are to love all people. This also means putting the needs of others ahead of our own, serving others through genuine love – the genuine love of Jesus.

Our heavenly Father, our creator and our God, views all people as equals; regardless of success, fame education, etc. And as far as our looks, He created each one of us in His image. Each of us is flawless in His eyes.

The bottom line is this: every believer will live in heaven with Jesus. He has gone to prepare our home. He WILL return for all believers and take them home. (John 14:1-3) The only requirement of eternal citizenship is salvation through Jesus – not our financial statement or our resume.

Let’s stop the favoritism.

Let’s love others unconditionally as Jesus loves us!

Let’s do a soul check, making sure our eternal citizenship is secure!

Let’s tell others about Jesus and help them secure their eternal citizenship!

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