Praying them Back to School, Part 3

In every organization, there are people working diligently behind the scenes making the big decisions that ultimately affect the function and welfare of the whole organization. Our #BackToSchoolPrayer list should include our school administrators. The principals, assistants, advisors, superintendents, district board members, etc, play important roles in the education and safety of our children. These… Read More Praying them Back to School, Part 3


A Call to Prayer

My encouragement for today is to PRAY! There are so many needs for prayer in our families, communities, and among our friends. Pleasse take time to PRAY for someone today. “Prayer is the greatest act of love we can show another person.” Excerpt from: I Will Pray For You

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Godly Friendship

A true friend stands by you no matter what, good and bad times. But many people feel that the true test of friendship is when we face the challenging times, the hard disappointments and pain. Who is there for us? “A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is for adversity.” – Proverbs 17:17… Read More Godly Friendship