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To-Do List

Grocery shopping. Pay bills. School drop-off/pick-up. After school activities. Make appointments. Cancel appointments. Paperwork. Prepare dinner. Laundry. Clean house. Take car for service. …..and the list can goes on and on. You know. That dreaded ‘To-Do’ list.  Some days the to-do list can seem endless. And many times, we allow ourselves to be obsessed with… Read More To-Do List

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It’s Time to Look Up

I don’t know about you, but I have become a slave to my mobile device! I use my phone for almost everything: email, calendar, to-do list, writing notes, website management, social media, recipes, latest news and weather…and oh yeah, calls and texts. While all of this makes keeping up and staying in touch very easy,… Read More It’s Time to Look Up

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Religious Leaders Question Jesus’ Authority: Day 3 Holy Week Reading Plan

LUKE 20 The chief religous leaders began challenging Jesus’ authority. However, their plan backfired as Jesus turned the questions on them. Jesus knew their hearts just like He knows our hearts. Therefore, Jesus knew what to say that would make the leaders realize He knew their true identities, which in turn confirmed His deity. As… Read More Religious Leaders Question Jesus’ Authority: Day 3 Holy Week Reading Plan

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True Identity

Let’s admit it. Every day life can be hard. Work. Raising a family. School. Managing a home. The list goes on and on. Life gets busy. Life gets crazy. And for faithful Christians, each one of our roles in life becomes even harder when Satan sneaks in and starts whispering lies. The enemy preys on… Read More True Identity

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The Messenger

“He must increase, but I must decrease.” – John 3:30 This is one of my favorite scriptures in the Bible. It is a few words, powerful words, spoken by a humble friend and servant of Jesus. John the Baptist was different than most in appearance and habits. But he was also somewhat different from many… Read More The Messenger